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PEL Aspire PRAS-2100

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PEL Aspire PRAS-2100



Top mount refrigerator

Direct cool

Humidity control option

Low voltage start

Smart eco-control function

LED lights

Slows food decay and removes unwanted odor

CFC Gas  R-134a



ENERGY EFFICIENT Runs at most economical mode with maximum efficiency. 10% more efficient than other refrigerators.
AIR LOCK CRISPO FRESHER TRAY Specially designed tray holds more moisture to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.
DOUBLE SIDED ROLL BOND EVAPORATOR Specially designed to work in pakistani temperatures up to 55oc.
EXTRA WIDE DESIGN Special extra wide design to enhance refrigeration storing experience.
EXTRA IMPROVED ANTI FUNGAL GAS KIT Inhibits fungal growth, reduces infections.
THICKER DOOR INSULATION Retains optimal cooling in power cuts


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