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Dawlance DWT- 270 C LVS PLUS

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Automatic Washing Machine DWT- 270 C LVS PLUS


Key Features

Automatic Energy Saving up to 38 percent

Pro Fabric Drum Design

Simulates motion of waves and increase fabric life

Dual Water Fall enhance detergent penetration even at low water levels

Effective Stain Removal

Extreme Dryer



Dawlance ES series is an intelligent choice for better washing with some generous energy saving. It cuts down on the running costs by 38% and washes your clothes in the best way possible.

Energy Saver Special program: Saves up to 38% energy Suitable for medium soiled daily laundry Pro Fabric Drum Gives soft rubbing for stains Makes clothes last longer
Low Voltage Effective wash performance on 150 Volts Protection against prolonged exposure Extreme Plus Air Dryer Gives superior drying in 90 minutes Choose your additional drying time ranging from 10 to 90 minutes
Triple Waterfall Three waterfalls inside the tub Helps detergent penetrate deeper into the fabric Dissolves detergent completely Complete stain removal


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